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We Advocate for Patients with Lung Cancer

Advocacy you need when a dangerous or defective product has caused lung cancer.

The lawyers at Lung Cancer Advocacy have helped more than 50,000 clients recover compensation.

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Lung Cancer Advocacy

Our goal is to provide information that families can use to protect their rights and make the best, most informed decisions possible. Together, we can fight the negligent causes of lung cancer and make a difference.

Around 72% of lung cancer cases in Canada are due to smoking tobacco products. Other causes include secondhand smoke, using smokeless tobacco products, exposure to radon and a family history of lung cancer.

Lung cancer advocacy is about standing up and being visible. It is about understanding all of the various cogs in the wheel of cancer and promoting change that helps patients and their families. That’s why Lung Cancer Advocacy is so passionate about providing information about lung cancer.

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About Us

Lung Cancer Advocacy is dedicated to helping families affected by lung cancer caused by dangerous or toxic products. Learn more about us and what we do.

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Lung Injury Litigation

Learn more about the types of product liability cases we handle involving lung cancer.

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Lung Cancer Information

If you or someone you love has lung cancer, find out more information about the condition and your options for getting help.

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How to Sign Up

If you have questions or would like to speak with a lung cancer lawyer, find out how to sign up for more information or a free consultation.

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Lung Cancer Advocacy is a collaborative group of lawyers, healthcare professionals and professional researchers. We have come together to help families affected by lung cancer find the answers they need to move forward.